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by Victory Over the Sun

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Nowherer 06:58
nowherer, battered, robbed of roads sequestered in cycle’s yoke nowherer, weary, unwhispering dreams drowned out by the din, pinioned silent ear, heed my prayer hold this lament in your tricardiac tongue! o becomer, selfseeing seeker, molting artifice stepping towards silhouette’s silhouette may you be seen as you are, resplendour, lightbather! clouded eye, heed my prayer hold this extolment in your tricardiac tongue! o todayer piloting hungerbound machine cloaked in thousand charming faces hoarding gasps hoary-eyed worshipping number as iron device stealing each ultraviolet song from the roots of our teeth to absorb all spectra into your gilded shroud may our unified rays melt away your every velvet fang! august hand, heed my prayer hold love in your tricardiac tongue!
Alveromancy 08:13
fingers dig through firmament, incantatory sediment grasp at shale couplets, heart-worn, drenched in wh- molluscan metonymy dredged up by sighs, transposed iris-lit i was a diamond and you were the weight, i was the apple that you never ate caked in regalia perfumed in glossolalia, howling words lie prostrate upon schoenberg's bald pate to dine upon sibilant shards languidly permuted rhotics an occluded invocation none of them will make you real vowels of infinity disemboweling divinity gnoissiennes gnawing at tympanic trinity the words beneath my fingernails illegible, spaded with sign i was a diamond and you were the weight, i was the apple that you never ate
Oscines 21:22
i. one day i awoke to find my hands covered in open sores. washing the sleep from my eyes, I felt quilling my skin, the tips of feathers extruding, piercing bones growing hollow and at twilight i took flight for the first time as the undifferentiated space of dimensionless night draws me in days hang, weeks hang, months hang upon a yoke of blind isochory until a dewy field choked with fog gliding parallax dotted with charm of streetlamps sprouted like wild grasses. their grinning aromatic glow burns cavities through the veil and the bulbs chirp staccato at the sordid sky as faceless figure traces glyphs areferential winding around the achromatic chasm from which she crawled. whose whistling winds homotopy her vestments to flickering foxtrots and waltz murmurs i open my mouth to call to her as the sun swallows my words. ii. morning rays glisten, glisten, glisten; mourning, raze. clawing azure suspending me by the ears and fading to a hopemongering vertex day by day i wait week by week i wait month by month i wait my skin unblemished, fermenting smooth manifold clutched by gravity’s kiss gazing expectant into absent loveless chirality steeling my palms until the brawling sun bores indifferently, a hole clear through my head in the spectral hollow where my face used to be, a stormcloud brews and a whistling wind wails. day by day it wails month by month it wails my voice unconscious distorting smooth waveform clutched by gravity’s kiss listening iii. longing absence howling tuba mirum. twelve of the most grandiose neutral chords. voice growing hollow will you hear me in the clamor? will you be dancing?


written entirely in the 17 equal divisions of the octave (17EDO) tuning system, on guitars I refretted myself

with special thanks to aki mccullough, gem moon, hunter hunt-hendrix, cole leite, and olivia borghi


released April 23, 2021

Composed, performed, recorded, and produced by Vivian Tylinska

Mastered by Aki McCullough

Album art by Helvetica Blanc


all rights reserved



Victory Over the Sun Portland, Oregon

a girl who makes noise

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