A Tessitura of Transfiguration

by Victory Over The Sun

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This record is the result of hundreds of hours of writing, rewriting, recording, rerecording, mixing and remixing. It also comes from a great deal of soul-searching regarding the process of finding my voice as an artist as well as a trans woman.

With quotes from Kazimir Malevich's The World As Objectlessness, Vladimir Mayakovsky's I, Andrei Bely's Glossolalia, and sound clip from Andrei Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev


released January 3, 2020

Composed, recorded, performed, and produced by Vivian Tylinska

Mastered by Ian Henry

Mischa Ally - Bass Clarinet (Track 1)
Matthew Parson - Violin (Track 1)
Aliyah Boucher - Sung Vocals (Track 1)
Grace Moon - Violin (Track 4)

Album Art by Emily Zetkulic


all rights reserved



Victory Over The Sun Portland, Oregon

one woman act making avant-garde metal

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Track Name: The Objectless World
hangs a lantern
in my idle ear

the light crawls
into my mouth
usurps my tongue
dances falsehoods
sees limpid beauty
weeps chiaroscuro

broken teeth gnawing at marble

“not a single work depicting a human face depicts a person,
but only the mask through which non-image sensations seep
and that which we call a person will be an animal
and the day after, an angel”

bloody fingers clawing at canvas

the stars drop like hailstones
on your tin roof pate
embed their formal grammars
at random in your skull

selene lifts your chin
kisses your paper forehead
your face crumples into
a wastebasket satellite

hand yoked to chiral form
throat condemned to baritone
chisel pointed up at god
lost girl’s heart obscured by stone

steeped in the gleaming bronze manifold
of brâncuși's daughter,
my body projected on its surface
tumbles into a slumbering resonance,
a forbidden dream of becoming

infinite hall
marble statue suspiring
my double recast in
venusian glow
but i cannot ask who
carved her into truth
my tongue is stone
my arms lying on the ground
she disappears into a vitreous wisp
but her memory stays in my mouth
Track Name: Half-Silvered Mirror
couched in the damp maw of desire
conjectural tendril generates
nacreous spheres, squinting

loose thread hangs from retina
mirror drifts untethered into cataract seafoam

clock holding its own hand
raving in thousandfold rotation,
iridescent face in shadow

throat pointing at inverted word
in the shapeless spray, my eyes diffracted

these silent bones will not speak for me
never will i be an arrow pointing

“at bricks I bawl,
thrusting the dagger of desperate words
into the swollen pulp of sky”

loose thread hangs from retina
mirror drifts untethered into cataract seafoam

these silent bones will not speak for me
never will i be an arrow pointing
Track Name: The Enormous Cosmos (in the cavity of the mouth)
center of my chest
a cavity opens, bursting

gnashing teeth, nascent tongue
clutching at unpronounceable self

the abyssal “I”
the burning “am”

laminae of gases expand in
the enormous cosmos in
the cavity of the mouth

the abyssal “I”
the burning “am”
condensing into an astral arrow

lungs pregnant with impalpable truth, I fall to my knees
and from my center bursts a barbed vowel

arcing toward the gorge of fate

body tearing itself apart under pressure
as the mouth screams
my name, my name, my name, my name

body topples, sublimates,
spirals toward the veins of the rising sun
Track Name: Casting a Bell
licking dirt from ore of truth
heart a furnace of inner alchemy

on hands and knees sculpting a mold
to pour my molten self into

i am ascending into resonant planes

will you hear me when i toll?

hangs a lantern in my bronzen mouth
singing golden sonnets of self

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